10 Reasons Why Being 30 is Better Than Being 20

Well, as of three days ago, I’m officially in my fourth decade. It seems like it should feel more momentous than it actually does, but to be honest it actually feels pretty good. Even though it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was just turning twenty, looking back a lot has happened since then, and I’m in a far better place in my life now than I was ten years ago, for a number of reasons…

Tim at 30 Tim at 20
I have a wonderful wife who makes me very happy. I’m in an unhealthy relationship in the process of falling apart.
I have a great job at a company I truly respect. I just dropped out of university to work at a company that is burning through DARPA grants building pointless products that nobody wants.
I have an awesome apartment in San Francisco. I live with my parents (sorry, Mom).
A whole long weekend of celebrating my birthday with my wife and my friends. I don’t even remember. Probably something lame.
An historic election year, with the first presidential candidate that I’ve ever been inspired by. Lewinsky scandal.
Drinking California wine. Sneaking into bars (sorry, Mom).
Designer eyeglasses. Adult braces.
The cat is sitting in my lap, purring. The cat is on the kitchen counter, pushing glasses off the edge.
Get laid regularly (sorry, Mom). Not so much.
I still look 25. I still look 15.

So, things are looking pretty good these days, and I feel that over the next ten years they will only get better. Thanks to everyone who helped make this my best birthday ever.

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  1. No apology necessary. Life is good, and that’s what matters. It’s all good. We’re very proud of you and the life you have crafted for yourself.

    Not so pleased that you were sneaking into bars at 20. But I guess you’re old enough to know now — I did the same thing. Just don’t tell your younger bros.
    Love, Mom

  2. I don’t totally agree with this article. I had much more quality fun than the “20” you’re describing here. It’s all about life choices and maturity, not necessary age.

    1. Wow, the Andrew Martinez, Berkeley’s infamous “Naked Guy”? I was sure you were dead, but it’s awfully nice of you to rise from the grave to leave a zombie comment on a three-year-old blog post to let me know how you feel.

      Anyway, if any other readers out there want to send the Naked Guy a nice hello message or subscribe him to any gay porn mailing lists, he can be reached at andrewmartinez78@yahoo.com. Have fun!

      Andrew Martinez being arrested

  3. I was just writing something that had to do with being in my thirties and came across this. I love it. I recently turned thirty and life could not be better. It has been a rough road, but what is a simple road?

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